About us

We established the Tailwaggers Mobile Pet Spa primarily out of our love for animals, as their well-being is so important to us. The pet grooming business has grown in recent years, and we felt it would be nice for pet owners to have an all inclusive spa that showed up right where your furry babies are located - HOME!

We believe grooming at the Tailwaggers Mobile Pet Spa is an experience your pet(s) will absolutely love. You best bet your pup knows when our trucks are pulling into your drive. Give us a shot, whether it's a monthly wash, or a full grooming appointment, our employees are trained and certified to treat your pets with their absolute best attention to detail while in our hands!

We're the Pet grooming Experts
Here When You Need Us

Owning a pet is a rewarding experience and we want to make it uncomplicated and easy for our customers by delivering those monthly spa appointments. Our Pet grooming on wheels offers top branded products and equipment to ensure the health and well-being of every pet. We offer an array of items to keep those furry friends happy for days and years to come!

Health & Wellness
Special Care

From shampoo to flea and tick removal, these products are here for active dogs that love the outdoors!